What are the symptoms of sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is a common problem and is found among thousands of people. They are suffering from this disease they even do not know. This is very problematic. In the initial stage, people ignore sleep apnea and avoid visiting sleep apnea specialists for sleep apnea treatment Singapore, but when the effects become more visible and problematic, they suffer.

Precaution is better than cure and knowing indications of any major or minor health issue is also important. Underlying health issue indicates the disease; you just have to notice those indications. Here we are presenting some major symptoms of sleep apnea. If anyone or two symptoms is visible in you, we suggest visiting a sleep apnea specialist Singapore for a health checkup and treatment. 

Snoring: – People mistook sleep apnea for snoring. Snoring is one of the symptoms of sleep apnea but it is not the only symptom. Snoring with light or loud sounds is very frustrating for family members. People sleeping in the adjacent rooms too feel uncomfortable while sleeping. It also indicates that the person is not having a good sleep. People avoid sharing a bed with a person suffering from loud snoring. 

Sometimes, it becomes so loud that the whole family members cannot sleep at night. It is a primary indication of sleep apnea. And if you too are snoring for long period, you might need sleep apnea treatment Singapore.

Breathlessness: – While sleeping, when you feel you are gasping for air, contact doctors immediately. Breathing is a natural process and you do not have to focus on any things for this. While sleeping, we take rest and sleep, but the breathing process continues as usual. We cannot survive without the required air in our bodies. This health issue is very dangerous for your life also. In some cases, it is noticed by doctors that a person died because of no or less oxygen while sleeping. Once the oxygen level gets very low, you even cannot scream for help. 

Attention loss in morning time: – Person suffering from sleep apnea requires more time to gain attention in the morning. Just like normal people, they do not understand reality after awaking up. Even in the day time, they feel sleepy and lost somewhere. 

Dry mouth in the night or morning: – This is interrelated to snoring. Snoring requires energy for sound and it is much-consumed body energy and water level. We are made up of over seventy percent of water and when you snore but do not take water, your mouth becomes dry. A dry mouth gives you interrupted sleep at night and a frustrating morning. You might need to wake up two to three-time just to have a glass of water. In this fast-paced life, where anyone gets very little time for sleep, this sort of sleep-disturbing event is very bad. Interrupted sleep leads to unproductive days, bad quality of work, laziness, lethargy, and others. 

Hypersonic: – This is a medical condition where a person feels excessive sleepiness during the day. Daytime is a productive time and sleepiness hampers the productivity and quality of work. The person feels irritable and lazy all the time. It is an indication that you need to sleep apnea treatment Singapore

Conclusions: – Do not ignore sleep apnea as it might be risky for you. Contact sleep apnea specialist Singapore

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