Your Children Need The Best ENT Care

ENT is the short-form for Ear Nose And Throat. All three organs are considered together as they are connected and most diseases spread from one organ to the other. A common cold can affect all three organs. An infection of the throat can spread to the ears. This is why the specialists are also common for all the three organs. An ENT specialist will attend to the troubles of all the three organs, but some of them may specialize in one more than the other two. It is children who easily get illnesses of these organs and that is why you can find a child ENT specialist very easily in Singapore.

What Does A Child ENT Specialist Do?

A child ENT specialist treats diseases of the ear, nose, and throat in children. These specialists study the same course as the other ENT doctors but specialize in the diseases that affect children more. After their regular Otolaryngology course, these doctors undergo training to treat children at large children’s medical centers. They treat children from newborns to teenagers. Apart from the training they also practice under pediatric ENT specialists for the experience and then start practice on their own.

These doctors specialize in finding the symptoms better because most often children are unable to communicate the symptoms properly. The pediatric specialist train to find the diseases from the physical examinations they do on the children. They are experts in conducting surgeries on children. They also equip themselves with instruments and equipment that make it easy for the diagnosis of diseases in children. These doctors develop an ability to keep the children patient and comfortable during the examination and treatment.

When To Take Your Children To The ENT Specialist?

An ear infection is common among children and if the incidents are not regular there is no need to see an ENT doctor. Your pediatrician can prescribe medicines. But if the infections are more frequent, then you might have to take the child to a specialist. If the ear infections are accompanied speech delay then you should consult the ENT doctor. Infection of the sinuses frequently will also need to be attended to by the specialist. If tonsils infection is recurrent then you can consult the ENT doctor.

Snoring is another condition that is common with children. But sometimes it is serious enough to disturb the sleep and affect normal life. Sometimes it affects the child so much that the studies are affected. There can be frequent waking up. In such conditions, it is better to get the child examined by the ENT doctor. If the child suffers from sleep apnea then it might need to be treated by a specialist. Hearing loss is a common condition for which children are taken to the ENT doctor. It could be due to a block or other conditions.

Most Common Conditions That Warrant ENT Consultation

It is not just children who suffer from ENT problems but also adults. One of the most common problems that adults consult ENT doctors is for hearing loss. This could be temporary or permanent. In many cases, it could be due to an infection in the outer or middle ear and subsequent blockage. The perforation of the eardrum could also be a cause for hearing loss. There can be a disturbance in the bones that help pass the sound vibrations. All these are treated by an ENT doctor.

Another reason for people to visit an ENT clinic in Singapore is sinusitis which is a very common condition. Sinusitis is the inflammation of the spaces behind our nostrils. These spaces are coated with mucus which keeps the nostrils wet and traps dust that comes in when breathing. The condition can be the result of a common cold when the nose gets blocked and the mucus gets infected inside the sinuses.

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