Your ENT Specialist Can Clear Your Nose

A blocked nose is a problem that can affect your regular working. You cannot sleep properly if your nose is blocked as you cannot breathe well. This will result in having a dull day where your performance in any activity will be below par. There are many causes for a blocked nose. This needs to analyzed to treat the blocked nose and clear it. Your ENT doctor will first diagnose the illness that caused the blocked nose.

The nose gets blocked when there is excessive production of mucus. Mucus is a liquid that keeps the nose wet to trap the dust and germs and prevent them from entering the air pipe. This will prevent the occurrence of infection in other parts. The air that enters the lungs is also humidified by the mucus. But when there is excessive production it can block the nose and also cause a runny nose.

Treating Cold And Flu

There are many causes for a blocked nose. The cold is the cause in the majority of the cases. The common cold is caused by a virus and this results in the swelling of the lining of the nasal passage. This will narrow the passage and cause excessive production of mucus. When there is excessive mucous it tends to flow down from the nose. This condition is called a runny nose. When the mucus flows backward to the throat it is called postnasal drip.

Flu is another cause of nose block. Flu is caused by the influenza virus. The condition is much more severe than the common cold. Here again, there is a congestion of the nose and excessive mucus production. This will lead to similar conditions as that of a common cold. The treatment is aimed at the infection caused by the virus. Blocked nose treatment is done by administering antihistamines and decongestants. This will reduce the production of mucus. It will reduce a runny nose and postnasal drip along with the opening of the nasal passage. People suffering from the flu can also have a fever which is also treated.

Other Causes Of Blocked Nose

Everyone has two nostrils through which we breathe. In some people, the septum that separates the nostrils is not straight. This will cause the narrowing of the nasal passage. This can lead to frequent nasal congestion and infection. A blocked nose is a common symptom seen in such people. The turbinate which occurs at the sides of the can get infected causing further nose block.

Treatment is given to cure the infection. But in some cases, medication doesn’t cure the blocked nose. In such cases, surgery might be the recourse for straightening the septum. They also conduct surgery to reduce the size of the turbinate to reduce congestion.

Nose blocks, runny nose, and postnasal drip can also be caused due to the inflammation of the nose caused by an allergy. The allergy can be to various factors. Doctors will treat the allergy with antihistamines and prescribe decongestants to clear the nose. Polyps in the nose can also lead to congestion and blocking of the nose. Medication is given to reduce the polyp and treat the infection. You can have all these treatments for a blocked nose at the various ENT specialist clinic in Singapore.

Sinus Treatment In Singapore

Sinusitis is very common and one of the reasons people consult an ENT specialist. It is caused when the sinuses at the sides of the nose become infected. There are various reasons for the sinuses to become infected. It is usually caused by a virus and will persist for long. Sometimes it can be caused by bacteria and in rare cases by fungus. There are other reasons for sinusitis like nasal polyps and allergies.

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The most common symptom of sinusitis is pain. There are sinuses behind the nose, below the eyes and above them. Any of these can become painful when you suffer from sinusitis. The pain can occur at the forehead, sides of the nose, jaws, and teeth or between the eyes. When the sinuses are infected there can be a discharge into the nasal passage which will lead to blockage of the nose.

One of the common symptoms for which people approach a sinus doctor in Singapore is throat irritation and cough. This is caused due to the post-nasal drip that results from infected sinuses. The throat irritation leads to cough which can be very severe when lying down. You will also have a sore throat and a hoarse voice when you have sinusitis.

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