How A Good ENT Specialist Will Cure the Nose Bleed

For most people seeing blood anywhere on the body is a frightening experience. People assume a lot of things when they see blood flowing from their noses. Nose bleed is a common occurrence and can be due to various reasons. They can be simply due to excessive heat or due to some life-threatening diseases. You must visit an ENT to know more about the problem and get it cured.

Types of Nose Bleed

Nose bleed is of two types namely anterior Nose Bleed and posterior Nose Bleed, and both these occur quite commonly. In the case of anterior Nose Bleed, the blood flows out of the nose when the patient is sitting up or standing. When the blood flows back from the nose into the throat of the patient when he or she is sitting or standing, is called the posterior Nose Bleed. In case the patient is in a lying position even the anterior Nose Bleed can flow into the throat.

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Anterior Nose Bleed

The most common type of nose bleed that occurs in children is the anterior nose bleed. This occurs when the interior of the nose is dry and the nasal membranes cracks and bleeds. This is common in both dry hot climate and the winter. In both these times, the nose can become dry. It can be easily cured by using a Vaseline type of ointment to moisten the septum. In case of persisting bleeding a simple procedure of cauterizing the blood vessel can be done.

The anterior nose bleed treatment in Singapore by Professional is very simple and can be done at home by a simple method. This can be done by pressing the soft parts of the nose against the face and holding it for five minutes. The child should have the head at a higher level than the heart when this procedure is done. You can then apply crushed ice to the cheeks and nose.

The Need of an ENT Specialist for Nose Bleed

You must treat the nose bleed by a professional when the bleeding refuses to stop with your treatment. If there is too much loss of blood it is better to immediately take the patient to an ENT doctor. The patient may become weak because of excess loss of blood. There may also be a condition when the blood starts to flow back to the throat. All these need the attention of an ENT specialist.

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